Sunday, 15 July 2007

A beautiful and bright morning in L.A. (2)

Following our quite intense mornings, we were taken as a group to the Getty Villa. What an extraordinary site. Spent the afternoon looking at Greek and Roman antiquities (and doing what museum workers do when visiting other institutions: looking at display and lighting techniques, flow of traffic, labelling in galleries, the type and look of handouts and brochures, the quality of gift shops...) Following the visit, had a refreshing iced coffee on the terrace and engaged in a discussion with a colleague. As i've mentionned earlier in this missive, these discussions are as important as "all the rest of the stuff" we are doing here. (i asked mijin the other day whether we could extend our stay for three months. but it appears they have other plans for the use of the space!!)

Off for coffee. Today is our first day off since we started. I might go downtown to see some more art. Will report later.


Anonymous said...

Pierre, I have been through several 360 degree feedback sessions-they reflect the fact that people create their own perceptions....having that knowledge allows you to help them create new ones. I know you are working hard to absorb and learn all you can at the sessions-what a valuable and once in a lifetime experience!!! Doneta

John MacAulay said...

Hi Pierre, It sounds as if you are really "experiencing" all that this opportunity is meant to provide which is fabulous. I have 360 degree feedback done on me at the Bank with my direct reports, colleagues and peers on a regular basis and, personally, it is a very important part of my development as a leader and manager and I am so glad to hear you embracing it the way it was meant to be used. Not everyone does. I am not sure there is a more powerful tool for shifting and developing my decisions and actions than a 360. Great stuff! Have fun! John.