Thursday, 12 July 2007

This is what it feels like...

This is what it feels like... know what your boss, peers and direct reports actually think about you! Today, Bill Sternbergh took us through our 360 degree evaluations... and i must admit being quite surprised by the disconnection/discrepancy between my own assessment and how others see me. Frightening to think that i have such little self-knowledge or understanding of how i am perceived in this role. It also appeared that quite a few in the room had responses similar to mine.

We broke for lunch and i took some time to get out of the study centre to go and visit Manet's Bar aux folies bergères, one of my favourite paintings, on view currently at the Getty. Then back to the afternoon session. I'll admit that they manage this very well. The scenario is as follows: 1. you get sucker-punched in the morning with the 360 evaluation. 2. you break for intermission(lunch) 3. you come back from lunch and start the afternoon with comic relief to go on to act. 2 which follows up with tools with which you can improve some of the issues identified in act 1. We ended the day with the reports of our Myers-Briggs personality assessment... more food for thought.

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