Monday, 9 July 2007

First full day of work

A great first day with Jeanne M. Liedtka (Assoc. Professor, Darden School of Business Administration). In reviewing the issues surrounding the Legal Aid Society file we read up on, we consider various ways we can integrate strategy (and strategic approaches) in the work we do as museum directors. Some very useful concepts surrounding how we define strategic capabilities, as the ability to respond to the new needs of our audiences/markets as they shift and change. Also, what are we good at; what do we care about? Externally, how de we define what are the needs and opportunities out there? what are our stakeholders expectations?

Tied to our situation at The Winnipeg Art Gallery, i would like to know how our staff view or assess our own capabilities. Also, i am not sure that we could currently define what our stakeholders' expectations are with any great clarity. But this could form the basis of some work we could undertake this fall to assist us in defining these very questions.

Overall, very impressed by the discussions in the workshop and the level of participation!

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