Sunday, 15 July 2007

A beautiful and bright Sunday morning in L.A.

Where generally the morning starts with overcast/clouds/fog, this morning is bright and clear. This is a good sequel to yesterday's morning session, where i spent 3 hours with Russ Pierce, a psychologist who specializes in Executive Coaching and Development. Where Thursday, i felt a real disconnect, the session with Russ allowed me to recognize the real strengths that i bring to the job and also to start building a plan for improvement of issues that colleagues have identified as needing some work.

I left the session feeling quite positive and determined. Interesting to note the general feeling of a more energized group as we met for lunch and discussed our morning sessions. I will state it again, i believe they do an excellent job here: they really allow you dig down deep and confront you with realities (which may be difficult to acknowledge)then they give you tools to start thinking about how you can modify deeply ingrained behaviour.

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